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Hello everyone, I'm a seasoned jazz, tap and hip hop dancer turned amateur model/actress. Well at least that's what I'm dreaming for!!

IF you are a talent/model scout, photographer, makeup artist, producer, director, or just know someone in the ENTERTAINMENT industry, contact me for your next project.

*Available for acting, advertising, catalog, commercial, hair, live promotion, spokesmodel, movie extra, stand-in, background dancer, music videos, TV & film projects.

Email me at: for all serious inquiries.

I reside in Tampa, Florida and I'm interested in all aspects of the entertainment field. For the right gig, I'm willing to travel.

A little MORE about Kristi
I'm a laid back and observant person who loves to retain new information. When it comes to a goal I want to accomplish, I'm focused, dedicated, a team player and great to be in company with. I have a great attitude and "I CAN'T" is not in my vocabulary. I feel as though I have a great future ahead of me in the ENTERTAINMENT field and all I need now is for someone to knock on my door and If you hear me knocking......Then let me in!!
If you know of any MODELING, ACTING or DANCE auditions in the Tampa, Orlando or Miami area, feel free to drop me a line and let me know about it.

*Check out my What's New page where I will update you on events going on in Florida.

Dance Resume
1983-1992 Trained in jazz, modern, tap, ballet, lyrical and hip hop. Developed skills in technique, barre work, stretches, rhythmic dance combinations and routines. Traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada participating in and winning numerous awards in National Competitions, including Showstopper and Starpower.

1993 Participated in dance workshops and seminars under Frank Hatchett and Sheila Barker.

1995-present Dance Coordinator for girls Cheer Squad, teaching the elements of music, dance, coordination and teamwork.

2001 Superbowl XXXV- Pregame Show, performed under the direction of the American All-Stars. Performed with Styx, Sting and PYT(local pop quartet)

Clearwater Models, Inc.

"Clearwater Models, Inc."
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